Webinar How to use Pinterest to Grow Your Business

Webinar How to use Pinterest to Grow Your Business

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Webinar:  How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business

Pinterest is a giant source of website traffic that many businesses have yet to tap into.  A blog owner recently reported to us that over 60% of her traffic was from Pinterest.  Pinterest is not just a social media platform, it also acts as a giant search engine.

Pinterest now has over 478 million monthly users, and growing!  6 out of 10 users are female, which might be interesting to some that believe there are no male users.  Pinterest has a place for every brand and every business to have a valuable presence that will help grow your brand, sell products, drive traffic to your website and more!

Join us for free on Wednesday August 4th for a webinar with special guest, Christy Brighton, where we will explain how Pinterest can be used by your business.

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