Web Accessibility Audit

Mistakes You Might be Making On Your Website That Are Excluding 20% of your Customers

How your business can benefit from our Web Accessibility Audit

Not only is having a website that is fully accessible and inclusive is good for your business, it is also quickly becoming required by law in most areas around the world. A web accessibility audit is a critical component to success on the Internet.

15% of the world’s population (an estimated 1.1 billion people) identify as having some form of disability.  The reality is that many more individuals face barriers when it comes to accessing digital content. For example, 71% of millennials watch videos with the sound OFF.

Across the World, governments are implementing legislation encouraging and enforcing all websites to become compliant with WCAG AA 2.0.  Website Content Accessibility Guidelines outline how a website will be considered accessible.  If you have questions about website accessibility contact us today.

Is your business or organization WCAG compliant? Are accessibility and inclusion important to you?

Web Accessibility Audit