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Instagram Reel & TikTok Services

It’s Time to Get Reel….Instagram Reels that is!  Video content in the form of Instagram Reels and TikTok Videos are quickly taking over the internet!  Announcing solutions for your business to take advantage of this and get those views!



There are over 1 Billion active monthly users on Instagram.  It has become a marketing powerhouse and social media platform that every business is expected to be active on in order to stay relevant and competitive.

Instagram recently announced changes in its algorithms confirming what many creators already knew.  Reels would be taking up a much larger favor in what content is shown on the powerful platform.  In addition, Facebook, which owns Instagram, has started showing Instagram Reels in their newsfeeds.

Dufferin Media has been beta testing for a few months rolling out solutions for our clients to help them get active on this new type of content creation and sharing.  It is clear based on our testing that Reels get far more reach and engagement than static image posts.

However that being said, there is still a vital strategy in keeping a mix of content on Instagram including static image posts, carousel posts, stories and reels.  We suggest taking the foundation of what you already have going on Instagram and adding Reels (and possibly Stories and Carousels to your content mix)



TikTok is a video-sharing platform that is used to make and share short videos.  In the past year, TikTok has increased in users and popularity exponentially.  Worldwide there are over 1 billion users on TikTok and it is quickly becoming a new way for businesses to reach customers!


Introducing Reel & TikTok Solutions Packages from Dufferin Media 

Attract more customers, grow engagement & followers, earn more sales & revenues and completely outrun the competition!

Instagram Upgrade Package #1

   In addition to your current social media package we will provide 1 Reel per week created with either short video clips you provide, or using our own stock images / videos / graphics. 


Instagram Upgrade Package #2

  In addition to your current social media package we will provide 2 Reels per week + 3 Stories per week and additional engagement (commenting, liking, etc 3 times per week for 15 minutes)



  In addition to your current social media package we will provide 4 Reels per week + 4 stories + 1 carousel, engagement work 5 days per week for 15 minutes min AND repurpose the video and create a TikTok with it, post to your TikTok account and manage engagements on this account



Instagram / TikTok Strategy Package

   This is where we train and guide YOU on making your own Instagram Reels and TikTok videos and review results, research strategy and help you grow your own account.  Includes initial training and weekly 1 hour strategy call via Zoom, ongoing assistance and potentially hands on help.  

This package includes a Reel / TikTok content planner.



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    Here are some statistics from our Reels on Instagram

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