Dufferin Media Terms & Conditions

Standard Payment Conditions

  • Payments are accepted by credit card, PayPal or e-transfer. A credit card must be on file for all projects regardless of how payment is made.
  • Payment for services such as branding, logo design & any form of marketing collateral must be paid in full prior to any commencement of work.
  • Social Media Set up & Optimization fees are due prior to any commencement of work.
  • Fees for monthly service packages, including paid ad budgets, will be invoiced and due the 1st of each month for that month.
  • Paid advertising budget for PPC campaigns gets paid directly by the client to Google.

Website Payment Conditions

  • The project will incur a % deposit prior to any commencement of work. The specific deposit amount will be stated in your contract.
  • Additional charges for website builds will be applied if the client needs additional work that is outside of the original quote or package specifications.
  • Website Themes, plugins and forms may have additional subscription forms outside the estimated project and will be outlined prior to commencing.
  • Additional Coding & Customizations of a theme such as changing the original layout of a premium template and adding additional widget sections or tables. We will not make any changes that incur additional charges unless we receive client approval first.
  • The remaining balance will be invoiced upon completion of the job and payment is due when the website is ready to go live.
  • Additional charges will be discussed and agreed upon before the final invoice is sent.
  • Additional charges (for graphics and/or stock photos) will be applied if any pictures or illustrations are needed through stock sites such as iStock or Adobe. (We will not purchase any images until we have client approval).
  • Logins to the website will not be emailed until the full balance has been paid.
  • The client has 10 days to make the final payment from the date of the final invoice, or a $50 late fee will be applied for every week that the client is late after that time.


  • Due to the custom nature of our work, Dufferin Media does not issue refunds for any reason, for any project.


  • Email is our preferred form of communication. The reason being is that we can refer to it when we are working on projects, as opposed to phone calls.
  • We will be communicating with you often during the design process. We will need specific feedback and your approval to continue the work. Responding to our questions in a timely manner will allow your design to progress.
  • We aim to respond to all client correspondence within 24 hours of the date of receiving any correspondence.

Usernames & Passwords

  • You are responsible for supplying your usernames and passwords for WordPress access, hosting (if necessary), and domain name registration (if necessary). We will protect all usernames and passwords to the best of our ability.


  • All digital assets of the client remain the property of the client. This may include but not be limited to social media accounts, website hosting, domains, files, logins to third-party directory sites, email addresses etc.
  • Dufferin Media will ensure the client has access, login credentials and ownership of all digital assets and accounts.

Monthly Service Packages

  • Dufferin Media and the client agree that the tasks and service fee may vary from month to month and agree to mutually agree to any changes in tasks or fees in advance (renegotiate service package).
  • If for any reason your account falls into arrears of the monthly services, within 5 business days we will stop our services. Overdue accounts may be sent to collections and legal action taken.

Ad-Copy (Social Media Content)

  • Social Media is a tool to be used to enhance your digital presence and create brand awareness and consumer trust.
  • Social Media Management is designed to be a component of your overall Digital Marketing Strategy. Social Media is not and cannot be solely responsible for your business’s sales or leads generated.
  • Dufferin Media does not take responsibility if your Social Media accounts do not generate sales or leads.
  • Dufferin Media recommends that to be really effective, brands need to implement a strong content marketing strategy to serve as the foundation and integrate social media as a complementary tool for amplifying their message.
  • Dufferin Media will provide the client with our suggested posts for social media for the coming month by the 25th day of each month. Adjustments/edits/revisions may be requested twice per each month’s post schedule. Additional revisions will be invoiced at $25 each.
  • If no revisions are received by the 30th the posts will be scheduled as presented.
  • If late revisions are received there will be a fee of $25.
  • Additional Custom posts during the month are available at a fee of $25 each.

SEO Services

  • SEO services are provided on a monthly service package based on the level of support and on-going optimization as per the initial contract. SEO services are aimed, but not guaranteed, to optimise predefined keywords and phrases.
  • The SEO process takes at least 2-3 months to show some significant effect. During this time your website is analysed and optimised within the parameters specified in the agreement. Achieving stable high rankings can take up to 6-12 months and are not guaranteed.


  • All websites are developed or updated to work across all major browsers and platforms including other devices such as mobile phones and touchpads. However, we cannot guarantee complete and/or long-term compatibility across every major browser, platform, or handheld device due to updates/upgrades.
  • The Client agrees to provide Dufferin Media, in a timely manner, everything that is requested to complete the Project including text, images and other information.
  • Dufferin Media agrees to make a reasonable number of revisions to the design, layout, colours etc., until you are satisfied with the design concept and final product. The exact number of revisions is stated in the contract.

Logo Design

  • Dufferin Media will commence your logo design within 7 business days of receiving your logo requirements and full payment.
  • After receiving your feedback, Dufferin Media will make any needed changes to your preferred logo design until you are completely satisfied. Once the final logo design is approved, the logo design will be sent to you as a digital file (.jpg, .pdf, and .eps graphics file formats). You, the client, have ownership of the final logo design for use in any media application.
  • Dufferin Media retains the right to use the final logo, or any versions of the logo, within our own marketing materials.


  • The term of monthly services packages are for one year commencing on the effective date.  The agreement will automatically renew unless either party advises the other with 30 days written notice. The renewal will be on a month-to-month basis.
  • The client may cancel services after the initial year with 30 days written notice.

Client’s Responsibility

  • The Client will fully disclose all relevant information or data pertinent to the Project, which is required by Dufferin Media. Dufferin Media will be entitled to rely upon the accuracy and completeness of such information and data furnished by or on behalf of the Client. The Client will give prompt consideration to all requests or documents relating to the project submitted Dufferin Media and whenever prompt action is necessary, inform Dufferin Media of their decisions in such reasonable time so as not to delay the services of Dufferin Media. The Client shall arrange and make provision for Dufferin Media’s entry and ready access to the project site as necessary to enable Dufferin Media to perform their services.