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Web Accessibility Just Makes Good Business Sense

Web Accessibility Just Makes Good Business Sense

Accessibility Business Tips

Web Accessibility Just Makes Good Business Sense


We’re confident that as a business owner you know all about providing a safe and accessible workspace for your clients, customers and employees. But did you know that web accessibility is also a requirement and an important consideration? More importantly, do you know why web accessibility is a smart business move? The entire team at Dufferin Media is certified in web accessibility and today – we’re excited to share why making your website more accessible – just makes good business sense.

Benefits of Web Accessibility for your Business

This week is National AccessAbility Week so frankly, there’s no better time than now to be talking about the subject! Being WCAG compliant expands your customer base, ensures every member of your potential audience is able to navigate your website, eliminates frustration and fosters a more inclusive environment that respects the rights of every individual to obtain the services they need. WCAG refers to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, developed in consultation with individuals and organizations from around the world. It’s about making a website more accessible in terms of its content, including texts, images and sounds. Think about all those times you’ve struggled to see print due to font size or style, colour overlay, or too many images competing for your attention. Think about scrolling text; how often is it too fast and it can’t be easily read and understood? With so many websites competing for attention, doesn’t it just make sense to have yours stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons? Accessible content is about giving equal access to opportunities for all audiences.

Benefits of Accessibility webtools


Here are just some of the key considerations for making the change to Web Accessibility:

From a business perspective, more potential customers are always good.
Up to 20% of your potential audience require accommodation of some kind to make websites accessible. If you’ve already done an audit and made the right kinds of changes, you’re ahead of the competition. A competitive edge is also a good thing!
From a reputational point of view, accessibility is also important and it generates goodwill in the community too.
It goes without saying that from a moral and human rights standpoint, it’s the right thing to do.
It’s already the law in some areas and becoming law in many other jurisdictions over the next little while.
Employees will feel a sense of pride, knowing that working for an organization that recognizes the rights of every individual is one that is probably also a good employer.
It’s a morale booster.
It encourages alliances with the organizations that serve and support persons with disabilities.

How Dufferin Media Can Help You Become Accessible Online

At Dufferin Media, it’s our job to help improve our clients’ sales experience with the Internet. We see it as a moral obligation to also ensure we’re helping to improve the customer experience of Internet users too. When you are willing to meet the standard of providing an accessible website, and the Dufferin Media team helps you achieve that standard – AND – your audience of users grows by as much as 20%, that’s a win/win for everyone. We are currently offering a free website accessibility audit to assess your website for inclusivity. With every member of our team fully certified, we offer fast turnaround assessment times and can then partner with you to design a website that meets all current standards and truly provides AccessAbility. It’s the right thing to do and it just makes good business sense. Ask us how we can help you – and your customers too!

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