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Think SEO and Social Media Management aren’t related? Think again!

Think SEO and Social Media Management aren’t related? Think again!

Search Engine Optimization

Think SEO and Social Media Management aren’t related? Think again!


Think SEO and Social Media Management aren’t related? Think again!

Chances are you’ve had a lot of time lately to think about your business. What is your strategy for “moving the needle,” or “raising the bar” (or any other analogy you might want to use) when it comes to increasing your search engine reach and social media engagement? Do you even know what we’re talking about? If one of the items on your “To Do” list is to rank higher on Google, possibly resulting in an increase in customers and a bottom line that reflects revenue growth – you’re going to have to start thinking! Thinking about a cohesive digital marketing strategy that incorporates your website, SEO, social media marketing and yes, even that dreaded word – blogging. If you think SEO and social media management aren’t related, think again!

Whether you’re a business or non-profit, it’s time to get familiar with understanding what SEO actually means and to figure out who your social media audience is. Then it’s time to drive that traffic to your website, a website that you should want to find listed on the first page of any Google search because “Hello?” – when was the last time you looked at the second page of Google? Exactly.  As athlete Walter Hagen once said, “No one ever remembers who came in second!” So boost your rankings to 1st place using a coordinated and cohesive SEO and social media strategy designed and built with your own success in mind.  After all, with over 35 million searches each day and with Google encompassing a full 90% of those searches completed on a desktop device, Google rankings really are what matter most. Google is in fact the most visited website in the world so it most definitely matters what Google thinks of your website.

Here’s how your website, SEO, blogging and SMM should all play nice together, resulting in a higher ranking in the Google “sandbox:”

  1. Search Engine Optimization makes your website more visible to users who are ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR search terms related to your business.
  2. Point #1 simply means you need to make sure you understand the keywords most often associated with your business and then use them liberally throughout your website, on your social media posts and when blogging.
  3. Search Engine Optimization defined is “the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website.” This refers specifically to an improvement in UNPAID results (arising from effective use of keywords) and hey, who wouldn’t want to maximize their website exposure while minimizing their cost outlay?
  4. Understanding the importance of, and identifying, your keywords and then utilizing them across all your social media platforms and also while blogging means Google will “rank” your page higher on their search engine results page. In other words, writing a blog, or a facebook post, that includes keywords, allows Google a greater chance to “recognize” your business as one that should be ranked more prominently than others.
  5. Rankings also rely on other factors like whether your site is mobile-friendly, is easy to navigate and is on a secure platform but understand that it’s words that really matter most!
  6. Social media profiles are indexed by Google and images are also indexed by Google so post often and post relevant tagged content.
  7. Google loves, loves, loves unique content! Do you know what’s unique? You are! Blog about your story, your business or your non-profit. Create unique content that’s specific to you and multi-purpose those blogs across all your social media platforms, not just on your website! The research shows, websites with a blog enjoy 434% more indexed pages! That is one heck of a positive relationship between your social media, blogging and SEO-optimized website content!

Now what? Knowing and understanding the metrics behind search engine optimization and creating great social media content are often two entirely different things. This might be where a professional can help. You know your business. You’re the expert. If you find it hard to write about though, or you just don’t have time for both running your business and the day-to-day management of your social media profile and website content (let alone writing a blog!) you’ll need help.

Utilize the expertise of a digital media management firm like Dufferin Media to help craft your SEO and social media into one, cohesive and comprehensive package. By working together, they will drive traffic to your website and to your front door. Think of your website as the engine, your SEO as the oil and your social media as the gas. Each is reliant upon the other for their joint success and all rely on you to drive the car. If you don’t have the time or inclination to be the “driver” – let us do it for you. Together we’ll steer you in the right direction!


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