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Gratitude: The Path to Strategic Marketing Greatness

Gratitude: The Path to Strategic Marketing Greatness


Gratitude: The Path to Strategic Marketing Greatness


It’s as simple as a THANK YOU!You may have heard this expression before but it’s a timely and important one so it bears repeating: having an “Attitude of Gratitude” is truly a foundation upon which to build a successful and satisfying life. It helps to promote a sense of inner peace, calm and satisfaction. You might be surprised to learn however that gratitude can also act as a firm foundation for something else. If your first thought is this: “as part of my digital marketing strategy,” you’d be absolutely correct! Why? Why on earth you might ask, is it so important to show gratitude in my business? How and when did gratitude become a path to strategic marketing greatness? Thank you for asking! I’m excited to share that in keeping with fall traditions of bounty and harvest and thanksgiving, our theme for the month of October is one of Gratitude.  Having Gratitude as a part of your social media content and digital marketing strategy just makes good sense. Today’s blog will talk about why AND how showing gratitude, whether in person or on your social media channels, is not only important but can be as simple as a simple thank you!

Be Grateful in these Troubled Times

It just feels appropriate to be grateful right now. Even in these troubled times, many of us have so much to be grateful for as together we fight through COVID-19. In fact, we’re finding that gratitude is showing up naturally for many businesses as they thank customers for their ongoing support during this pandemic. We’re thanking customers for wearing a mask to help keep us all safe and those businesses who are able to, are thanking front-line support workers with tokens of gratitude like fresh food delivery to hospitals, paramedics and fire halls. Perhaps it’s true that saying “Thank You” and being polite is a Canadian thing. If that’s the case, then understanding the leap of logic to applying these same principles of gratitude to your business practice will be an easy one!

MORE than just Engaging on Social Media

There are so many ways to engage with your audience through social media and since pictures and posts that tell a personal story often receive far more “likes” and “shares” than those without, why not start by celebrating your employees? Expand your reach and social media engagement with a “Happy Anniversary” post celebrating an important work anniversary as a way of thanking your employees. Consider making it a regular feature on your Facebook page to say “Happy Birthday” to your team members and thank them for their dedication and commitment to your organization. As long as it’s done with permission, chances are your team will appreciate the little bit of extra attention and be grateful for the acknowledgment. A grateful employee is a happier employee and a customer who notes these regular updates may in turn experience a “feel good moment” by choosing to support your business simply because you’re a business that supports its employees.

5 Ways to Show Gratitude in your Marketing

Here are five more ways to show gratitude as part of your marketing and social media content strategy, not just in the month of October, but throughout the year!

  1. Show gratitude to customers anytime it’s appropriate by giving them shout-outs or a thank you on your social media channels. Take a picture too – again with permission – and make that part of your post. Make sure you are on Facebook and Instagram (at the very least!) and that you update your pages and posts regularly. Not only are you making a current customer feel valued and appreciated, but you’re also potentially attracting new customers, drawn in by your positive “attitude of gratitude!”
  2. Share the feeling! You know how a simple thank you makes you feel, now show that gratitude to someone else by leaving positive reviews of their business, product or service on Google and Facebook. Take the time to write a testimonial they can share on their website. It doesn’t have to be long, just true and shared from the heart.
  3. When someone sends YOU and YOUR business a positive testimonial – say “Thank You!” Share the testimonial on your own website & use it on your social media. Ensure it’s captioned with something like the following: “We’re so grateful for this testimonial sent to us today by one of our clients.”
  4. Sometimes doing business isn’t actually about business at all. Create a digital presence that includes positive quotes or uplifting pictures and posts that include themes of gratitude and/or appreciation. Remember your digital marketing strategy shouldn’t always be “sell, sell, sell.” It’s about creating brand awareness, positive associations with your business, showing appreciation and fostering loyal and long-standing relationships. Themes of gratitude, tips and tools that customers can apply to all aspects of their life, are a great way to accomplish this.
  5. Finally, if budget allows, show appreciation for your customers by sponsoring a team in your community, supporting a non-profit that works nearby or donating to the local food bank or Terry Fox Run. (These are just some suggestions – we know you have many others!)  In this way you’re giving thanks for the people in your community who are supporting your business who in turn might be grateful when their child receives a soccer trophy you helped sponsor or their elderly parent enjoys a meal from the local Meals on Wheels you helped support. See! Just like that gratitude is contagious!

Gratitude is defined as “the quality of being thankful: a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” Whether it’s online, as part of your ongoing social media strategy, or in person as you manage the day to day of your business, make sure you show some appreciation and take the time to say “Thank You.” Sometimes it really is that simple.

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